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Personalised Edition. Corporative solutions.
Personalised edition of the End User software for your customers.

Give your end users your own edition of Rpv Reports that installs automatically and is configured for your purposes.

Main features
  • Customized setup with your logos and brands.
  • The application installs registered and configured for your specific needs. It is not necessary to send the customer any specific direction or file.
  • The application links to your website.
  • Install Rpv Reports in your specific directory with or without user interaction.
  • Add or remove files depending on your needs.
  • Possibility to create or remove different shortcuts in specific locations (e.g. Print Server can start automatically and be included in the startup menu).
  • Permanent link for you/your end users to download the software from rpvsoftware.com.
  • The setup is recompiled and published for you every time a new edition is released to have the latest version available.

  • How is the package prepared and sent?

    The setup is prepared according the specifications provided by the customer. The implementation of every feature is coordinated with the customer.
    Once every point has been coordinated, the setup program is generated and ready to be downloaded within 72 hours.

    This service is only available for Rpv Reports customers who include the personalisation of the installation program for the End Users edition. This service does not include the alteration of any Rpv Reports programs.

    Please contact us to receive more information about this product.

    What Rpv is
    Rpv Reports 2021
    Rpv Reports 6

    Rpv Reports 2021
    Rpv Reports 6
    Personalized edition

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