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Rpv Reports Licenses

Rpv Reports is Limited Royalty Free licensed. What does this mean?

When Rpv Reports is purchased two editions of the software are received:

Developer edition
End User edition

The developer edition is the one to be used by the programmer/developer and it is intended to be installed on as many computers as users (developers) have been purchased.
The End User edition is allowed to be installed on as many computers as needed (*).
This means that once the product is purchased it is not needed to pay extra fees every time a new end user is installed.

* does not apply to mass distribution. See "Limited Royalty Free".

Limited Royalty Free

The standard Royalty Free is a type of license that is purchased one time and can be used on unlimited users.
The End User Edition of Rpv Reports is Limited Royalty Free licensed. This means that it can be installed on as many end users as needed.

Limited is because the license allows to install on a large number of users but not unlimited. The Limited Royalty Free license of Rpv Reports does not allow mass distribution.

Does this limitation affect me?

Probably not. This limitation usually applies to some companies that distribute thousands of copies of the software.
If are not sure that this limitation affects you, please contact us to rpvsoftware@rpvsoftware.com

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