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What Rpv is. What can I do with these tools?
RPV Reports tools are intended to generate reports and print jobs using all the Windows quality, in a very simple way, using any programming language and from any operating system.

Our tools are designed to be adapted to different programming languages obtaining the same professional results using languages such as Cobol, Visual Basic or even the Awk of Unix / Linux.

Some advantages of the RPV Reports products:

  • Fastest integration with your existing projects already running.
  • Compatibility with any printer accepted by Microsoft Windows.
  • Compatibility with any programming language running on Windows, DOS or UNIX (Linux, QNX, HP-UX, SCO, etc)
  • Possibility to insert into your reports: images, barcodes, hyperlinks (to a RPVb page, other reports or executable programs), watermarks, page footer, etc.
  • Ability to work with templates. Export only data from your program and let RPV Reports formats it.
  • Print server to manage large ammount of reports.
  • Silent installation feature. Install the product with your program without user interaction.
  • RPV activex object to be used from your Windows language.
  • Ability to export your reports to be opened by Microsoft Excel.
  • Ability to send your reports by e-mail.
  • Royalty free license. No fees for your end users at all. Not applicable to massive installations.
  • It is not necessary that you change your reporting tool, even if you change your programming language.
The RPV concept
RPV Reports is a software able to understand plain files (text files with .txt, .rpv or .rpx extension), that you can generate using any programming language. RPV Reports lets you format them using the graphical capabilities of Windows.

These RPV files that you (your program) will generate, are simple delimited files. Once you or your program has finished the file, just run RPV Reports from your program to preview or print the report.

Once you know how to use RPV Reports to develop your reports, you will not need to change your reporting tool even when you change your programming language. For example, an RPV report generated from a COBOL application, is the same report you can generate from a Java application.

Working with RPV Reports, you do not need to know any additional programming language to extract your data from your databases. If you use Visual Basic, then your data will be extracted using Visual Basic and if you use Cobol, the data will be managed by Cobol.
RPV Viewer
The RPV Viewer RPV Reports has a very intuitive Windows interface that will not cause any problem to any user, even to beginners.

From the interface, the user can navigate the reports, open, save, print, export, send by e-mail and more with ease.

The report that you can see in the picture can be obtained from any language. Even when it looks like Windows, it can be generated from DOS or UNIX.
RPV commands & settings
RPV Reports has its own standard of settings and commands to give your reports the format that you need having virtually no limit in what you can do.

We can't say that RPV Reports has a "programming language", but it will be a perfect complement of the "real languages" to develop programs. RPV commands and settings are really easy to learn. It could take you no more than a couple of hours to take total control over the application.
RPV Print Server
Print Server Console RPV Reports includes a print server, which sends your reports to the printer silently, without opening any window. This feature lets the developer generate hundreds of reports (such as invoices) and send them to the printer without a preview.

This feature makes RPV Reports useful for client-server applications (server may be a Linux server, an Unix server, a Aix server, a NT server, etc; client must be Windows-based computer)

On the other hand, since RPV Reports is able to print on network printers, it is able to work as a network printing server.
RPV Reports can also work with templates (RPD files and RPX files). If you need to modify your reports, you do not need to recompile your application.

On the other hand, this will be specially useful if the developer needs to produce forms such as invoices or any other form.

Working with forms will be really easy and it will let the programmer to store "images" of forms in a little disk space. Depending on the form that you want to store, without compression 500 bytes could be enough.
Ability to read all kind of plain files
If you don't want to write RPV files (following the RPV syntax), RPV Reports is also able to read and manage ASCII plain files (such as .txt, .lst and .prn files) allowing the programmer to migrate almost immediately from a DOS based printing system to Windows.

What RPV Reports will do for you in this case is to use Windows features and printers to print your reports generated with the old DOS program.

Of course that you can write RPV files (with RPV syntax) using any DOS based programming language. If you decide that, your users will print from DOS with Windows style and quality.
Show/Print barcodes and images
RPV Sample ID RPV Reports is able to show/print several types of barcodes in your reports giving your programs more functionality. These barcodes can be configured to be printed in laser, inkjet or dot matrix printers.

If you need to print another kind of barcodes, just install the barcodes font and handle it like another font.

Insert images into your reports such as photos, logos, etc., to improve the quality of your reports.
Remote FTP queue capability
RPV Reports is able to manage a printing queue in a remote FTP server which will allow to print reports from a console in Unix to a Windows printer.

Print all your reports from a Unix (Linux, Qnx, etc) system to any Windows printer using RPV Reports. And not only Unix, but any operating system.

What Rpv is
Rpv Reports 2021
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Rpv Reports 2021
Rpv Reports 6
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