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Rpv Reports 2021. A new starting point.

New interface. Faster than previous versions.

We have worked on the new interface of Rpv Reports to make it faster. Rpv 2021 has been tested with new, but specially with old computers to make it faster than previous versions ON SAME COMPUTERS.

Easier for end users.

We have tried to give a modern look only with the needed options on the toolbar. All the previous features are included but the toolbar is only to do basic operations. Yes. It is compatible with Windows from XP to 10.

New features

QR codes. Rpv Reports now is able to show and print QR codes with ease. If you work with the Rpv Visual Editor or you program your reports in Rpv format without Rpx or Rpd, it will take few minutes to obtain a complex QR code. You can insert your QR codes even on your TEXT FILES!

Base 64 encoding. To comply some requirements of tax agencies, Rpv Reports includes now a base64 encoding so it will not be necessary to use external tools to encode the data.

New find method. Rpv includes a field in the toolbar that lets the user find any text on the report and shows the points where the occurences are.

New pack format. One of the most important features on this version is the new pack format. It is very fast to open and save your reports, even if they are very large.

Send reports by e-mail with more options. Rpv Reports now is able to send by e-mail from the viewer using the Rpv E-Mailer.
This special feature allows you to send an e-mail with or without prompting the message.

Rpv E-Mailer stores all the outgoing messages. This version of Rpv E-Mailer stores all the sent messages with their attachments. Now is possible to know "who reveiced what and when".

Easy to upgrade. Rpv Reports 2021 is fully compatible with previous versions of Rpv. Installing it will be enough.

A new starting point?

Yes! We have been working hard on Rpv and we are preparing new features and add-ons to make it much better offering much more possibilities.

All previous features of course, available.

Compatibility with PHP to show/print your reports generated on the web.

Rpv Visual Editor to prepare all your reports with zero Rpv code.

RpvPrintDir to send the contents of an entire directory to print in just one step.

Rpv E-Mailer send all your reports, or your e-mails with ease with or without interface.

Rpv Print Server can handle reports from UNIX based systems.

Rpv2PDF, Rpv2XLS exports your documents to different formats from your programs.

Starter.exe utility specially designed to call Rpv tools from COBOL.

Limited Royalty free

Rpv Reports is Limited Royalty Free. This method gives permission to install end user edition on multiple computers, purchasing only the licenses for developers.
In other words, no charges for end users at all.

QR Codes on Rpv Visual Editor

The RPV Viewer

Rpv Visual Editor

Search field. Rpv Viewer

Rpv E-Mailer

The RPV Viewer

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Rpv Reports v2021
Developer edition 2021-09-20
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1 user developer / multiple end users / 1 year support and updates.
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Rpv Reports v2021
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What Rpv is
Rpv Reports 2021
Rpv Reports 6

Rpv Reports 2021
Rpv Reports 6
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