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New version 5.3.112!

  Avoid your end users have to print more pages than they really need.

  This new version includes features that allow the users to work with the reports just like if they have been printed.


  Notes on the reports, checks, highlighters and autosave option. Just like if they were writing on a real paper!


  Rpv E-Mailer will help you to send formatted e-mails from your applications. Rpv reports, text files, html, images and everything you need to send, from its interface or from inside your program without user intervention.

    This product is discontinued and was replaced by Rpv Reports 6

    Rpv Business Reports 5.3.112
    Main Features
  • Rpv E-mailer. Send your Rpv reports in PDF automatically. Prepare your reports, place them to the queue and let Rpv E-Mailer send them in PDF format automatically.
    From version 5.3.9, Rpv E-Mailer can also connect to a Unix server using the FTP queue capability like the Print Server.
    Rpv E-Mailer gives your applications the capability to send your reports by e-mail silently. Not only reports: simple messages, newsletters in standard text format or HTML, from the RPV E-Mailer's interface or directly from your applications using your programming language.
  • Utility Rpv2PDF enhanced. Export exactly the pages that you want to the PDF file with this important utility.Learn
  • Export your reports to PDF and XLS directly. Your users now have the possibility to export to PDF and Excel in one step from the toolbar.
  • Margin calibrator. Specially prepared for the new different printer models, the margins calibrator has been added to this application to adjust Rpv for each printer as needed. Learn
  • Rpv Visual Editor. This version includes this importat tool that is essential to create and modify templates faster and easier. This product is part of Rpv Business Reports and is not sold separatelly.
  • Easiest integration! This new version includes new features to make even easier the integration of Rpv to your existing projects that generate text files.
  • Compatibility with all the printers. It doesn't matter if you work on Windows, DOS or Unix. Rpv is compatible with all the printers. RPV Business Reports is prepared to accept the sequence of the printer that you need, to adapt it to any existing project. Do not modify your programs! Just create the driver that you need for the printer that the system was prepared for, and forget about the problem.
  • Internet conectivity. RPV Business Reports is ideal to work on your intranet or the internet because is able to open all your reports hosted on an HTTP server. Reports, templates and pictures can be accessed directly from local disks or web servers.
  • More barcodes available. Now it is possible to produce EAN-13, EAN-8, 2 of 5 interleave, 2 of 5 industrial, 2 of 5 standard, 32 parapharmaceutical, 128B, 128C and the standard 3-9.
  • RPX format was enhanced to accept multiple templates for the same data file. Declare as many templates as you need to show more than one report with the same process.
  • Print server optimized for Unix based systems. The print server can support multiple users on the same FTP queue. The server selects now the files by their names. This avoids to have one directory per user on the Unix server.
  • Chart capabilities. RPV Business Reports is able to prepare attractive 2D, 3D and pie charts and insert them into your reports, always using the plain file concept which gives you more control over the application and the results.
  RPX format supported.

One of the most important features of the advanced versions is the ability to open reports in RPX format.
This format is the indicated to obtain best results more quickly and safely.
Using this format, the program will send only data to the output file and it's not necessary that you format the reports from your programs. When you generate the output file containing the data, it will be formatted according the template that you have specified.
RPV Business Reports now accepts multiple templates for the same RPX file.

Advantages of RPX format:

- It is possible to generate more than one report by using the same query or the same procedure by changing the templates.
- The code is more readable and easy to understand by others because the report is not formatted from your program. Remember that you are only sending the data.
- Your programs will be more stable. It is not necessary to edit, modify the source code of your programs or recompile them to alter your reports. To change a report all you have to do is to modify the template. A program that has been recompiled is a program that can fail again.

End users' tools

Rpv Business Reports includes now more options for the end users.
Yellow notes, checks and text highlighters give them more alternatives and avoid them having to print unnecessary reports.
End user edition of Rpv Business Reports also offers the Autosave capability, to save the report automatically without user intervention. Just like if the end user was writing on a real piece of paper!

RpvCmd commands

Have TOTAL control of the application and of your reports using RpvCmd commands.
These commands are specially designed to give the programmer total control of the application by performing specific tasks from your reports.
Load a report, open a pop-up window, close the viewer, send your report by e-mail or even navigate your reports with RpvCmd commands.
Associate RpvCmd commands to different images and generate your personalized toolbar.

Choose what you see and what you print.

Specially for pre-printed forms, keywords {print} and {noprint} will be essencial because they are designed to show data that will not be printed.
The solution to prepare invoices, receipts and any other form more professionally in less time. Do not work twice anymore.

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Rpv Reports 6
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