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Object common properties

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These are the most used properties with their explanations. Not all the properties are present in all the objects.

Property Description
X / Column This property sets the horizontal position of the object. It can be expressed with numbers or one of the columns that are declared.
It is also possible to define values such as "$Col_01 + 200" to obtain a value related to a defined column.
Y Position The property "Y position" defines the vertical position of the object related to the beginning of the section or subsection it is into. Expressed in twips.
Width Sets the width of the object. Expresse in twips.
Height Sets the width of the object. Expresse in twips.
Color The colors are expressed in R, G, B mode with values from 0 to 255 each. Additionally, it is possible to open the Windows color pallette for every field used to define the color of the object.
Line width Defines the width of the line (not the object). This property is available for the objects BOX, LINE, ANYLINE and CIRCLE.
Dashed line Defines if the line will be dashed or solid. Available for BOX, LINE and ANYLINE. This property will have effect only if the property Line Width is set to 1.
Hyperlink This property sets the action to be performed when the users clicks on the object. Its use is optional. In case that Rpv can't execute the action no error will be shown.
Hyperlink can execute EXE files, any file associated to an application (such as MP3 for example), an URL, or an RPVCMD command.



Here we can see that is possible to declare EXE, URLs, MP3 files, RpvCmd or even the PrintRpvReport protocol of Rpv Reports.
Print at runtime This property defines if the object will be printed or not when the report is sent to printer. This property doesn't affect the report on screen. This feature is very useful to work with preprinted forms when the information must be seen on screen but not sent to the printer.
Align to grid This property is to declare if the object will be aligned to the grid automatically. In case that is set to NO, it can be moved freely.

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