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Compatibility and use of Rpv Visual Editor.

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This tool is specially designed to work with reports based on templates. These templates will be combined later with data files (Rpx / Rpd) that your program will generate.


One of the most important features of Rpv is the ability to generate a report by coding and using different commands to do obtain the same results.
There are commands accepted by Rpv, such as XY or XYLine that define absolute positions within a report.
Even Rpv Visual Editor recognizes these commands, it is intended to work with relative positions because the templates usually do not work with absolute positions.

It is possible that when you open template with the Visual Editor, it cannot be interpreted properly and must be corrected. The correction will depend on the complexity of the template. In that case, when the template has been corrected and saved using the Editor, it will be possible to open it and interpreted it properly by the Editor in the future.

According to the complexity of the report that you want to load with the Rpv Visual Editor, it is possible that the editor cannot load it completely or cannot show it properly. This does not mean that a complex report cannot be made or retrieved with the editor. What means is that the syntax, the logic or method used to generate the report are not a valid method for this specific tool. It will understand the files according its possibilities since the Rpv language has a large amount of possibilities for the creation of a report. In case that you experience problems loading an specific template coded without the editor, it could be recommended to continue coding without the editor. In case that you decide to correct it with the visual editor, is recommended to edit it always with the visual editor to avoid future problems.

How to use the Rpv Visual Editor?

First of all, the main purpose of Rpv Visual Editor is to create and edit templates that are combined later with data files.

It is possible to work in two different ways:

1) Visual Editor calling Rpv Reports Viewer: this will be the most recommended method. Using this method, the editor prepares the templates that will be shown later pressing the key F5.
All the corrections are made on the Visual Editor, previewing the report as many times as needed until the template is done.

2) Rpv Reports Viewer calling the Visual Editor: the visual editor in this case will appear in a new option of the viewer.
This method is indicated when a report that is being previewed and need to be edited.

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