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Free lines (AnyLine)

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In addition to the horizontal lines, another kind of line can be inserted. The free lines or "Anyline". To do so just select the tool available on the left vertical toolbar.

When inserting the line, the object will show two points of different size.

The big point indicates the initial position of the line. The small point indicates the last point.

It is important to remmark that the first point indicates which section or subsection the object belongs to.

Moving and sizing the object

To move the object, it will be necessary to drag it from the big point.

It is required that the initial point is in a section or subsection. Additionally is important to consider that the object "anyline" will belong to the section or subsection where the starting point is.

The last point (the small one) can be freely moved and does not alter the position of the first point.

Properties X Plus and Y Plus

These two properties are exclusive for the object AnyLine and set the values "that must be added to X and Y to place the final point". These values relate to the starting point.

This means that when the object is moved from the starting point, the X plus and Y plus values are not altered.

Specific properties for AnyLine object.

Property Description
X / Column This property sets the horizontal position of the object. It can be expressed with numbers or one of the columns that are declared.
It is also possible to define values such as "$Col_01 + 200" to obtain a value related to a defined column.
Y position The property "Y position" sets the vertical position of the object related to the begin of section or subsection that the object belongs to. Expressed in twips.
X plus X plus property is available only for the object AnyLine and defines the value to be added to the initial X value.
Y plus Y plus property is available only for the object AnyLine and defines the value to be added to the initial Y value.
Line width Sets the width of the line. This property is available for the objects BOX, LINE, ANYLINE and CIRCLE.
Dashed line Defines if the line will be dashed or solid. Available for objects BOX, LINE and ANYLINE, this property will take effect while the property Line Width is set to 1.
Forecolor The colors are expressed in R,G,B mode with decimal values from 0 to 255. Additionally, it is possible to open the Windows color pallette to choose or prepare an specific color.
Align to grid This property defines if the object will be aligned to the grid automatically or not. In case that is set to "No" the movement will be completelly free.
Print at runtime Use this property to define if the object will be printed or not when the report is set to printer. This property doesn't affect the preview of the report and is recommended to use preprinted forms.

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