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Using labels and variables

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These objects are most important and most used for the reports.

Before beginning

The labels and the variables are the same object: LABELS. The difference between both objects is that the variabl is inserted with a default value that is retrieved from the data file (Rpx or Rpd) that was declared in the "Sample Rpx/Rpd file" in the reports properties.

The variables have been including in Rpv Visual Editor to make more comfortable to generate a report from the very beginning.

For that reason, from this point on, we will talk only about Labels since they are the same object.

How to insert Labels and Variables.

Although several alternatives exist, the most comfortable way is the following one:

Label: Move the pointer of the mouse to the place you want to insert the object and press CTRL-T.
Variable: Move the pointer of the mouse to the place you want to insert the object and press CTRL-D.

Characteristics of the labels.

Possibly, the first thing that you want to do with the label is to modify its size using the mouse and you will observe that is not possible.
The reason is because the size of the labels is defined by the following properties: expression, font, font size and bold. For that reason, to modify the size of the labels it will be needed to change the font and/or the effects to be applied to the label.

Property "Expression"

This property indicates "what the label says" and it can be modified from the properties page. In case the text is or contains a variable or function, it will be shown or printed in run time.
Additionally, is possible to include a variable and / or a function in the same expression.

Examples of expression:

"Name and last name: @name, @lastname"
"Page: @@page of @@ofpag"

X / Column

This property sets the horizontal position of the object (X position). It can be set with numbers or with one of the declared columns. It is also possible to define values such as "$Col_01 + 200" to obtain a value related to a declared column

Y position

The property "Y position" defines the vertical position of the object related to the beginning of the section or subsection it is into. Expressed in twips.


This property indicates the alignment of the object. Available only for labels, the alignment will be only set related to a column or to an horizontal position (not the middle of the page). For that reason is recommended to declare columns.


Hyperlink defines the action that will be executed when the end user clicks on the object. Its use is optional and in case that Rpv cannot execute the action, it will not show any error.
The hyperlink property accepts to include EXE files, any file associated to an application (such as MP3), an URL or an RPVCMD command.


c:\my musing\theme1.mp3

Align to grid

This property defines if the object will be aligned to the grid automatically or not. In case that is set to "No" it can be freely moved.

Print at runtime

This property sets if the object will be sent to printer or not. In case that is set to "No", the object will be displayed but not printed.


This property assigns a format to a label. It is specially useful to format numbers and depends on your current regional settings. For example, if you are in England you will see the Pound sign and if you are in United States the dollar sign will be displayed.

Text conversion

Mostly used for variables, this property will define how the label or variable will be show. The options are:

lower: everything in lower case
First Up: The First Letter In Capitol And The Rest In Lower Case.


Stretchs the text according the specified number of twips. Specially intended to justify text.
See Stretch property. Stretch Command.

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