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Sections [header], [data] and [footer]

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The sections and subsections are used to contain objects. The objects cannot be out a section or a subsection.
Although the sections can't be removed, it is not required that they are used. They can contain no objects and a height of zero twips (nothing).

We have the following sections:

  • [HEADER]
  • [DATA]
  • [FOOTER]

  • The section [HEADER] contains the data that will be printed on every page. Ussually to represent the top of the page.
    The section [DATA] contains that data of the report and will vary depending on the page.
    The section [FOOTER] defines what to show at the bottom of the page. Like the section [HEADER], it will be printed on every page.

    Altering the height of a section

    It will be necessary to modify the height of a subsection to be able to insert objects within it. It is possible to modify the height from the properties page or just dragging the end of the subsection.

    Properties of a section

    Height: defines the total height of the section.

    Section ends at: defines the vertical position (Y) where the subsection ends. This position defines also the beginning of the next section or subsection.

    This last property is set automatically to the same height value. This can be changed to a lower value. It can be recognized by the black indicator.

    In this case, although the height of the section is 2000 twips, when all the objects that might be on the section is displayed, the Y position will return to position 500 to give the control to section [DATA].

    This feature is very important to include images as watermark.

    About section [FOOTER]

    The section [FOOTER] always ends at the bottom of the page. This means that it is vertically aligned to the bottom of the page.
    It is possible then, to change the placement of the footer section modifying its height.

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