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Margins calibration

This program has been added to Rpv to fix some problems that come from new printers that alter the margins.

There is a configuration for each printer and should be used only when the margins are wrong. In most of cases its use will not be needed.

How to use

To perform the calibration, just select the printer you want to calibrate and print the test page.

The following page will be sent to the selected printer

How to calibrate

First of all, you will see a cross placed on 0,0. If the cross is not there, it is possible that the margins are negative.
Just read both rulers (vertical and horizontal) and define, in inches or centimeters, the number that you see in the top and left edges.

For example, for this figure both values are -0,3 inches or -0,8 centimeters.

After that, just specify those two numbers on the fields.

Please note that, if necessary, the margins can be negative to calibrate the printer.
In this case, the values were specified in centimeters. It is that same to say -0,32 in inches.
After that, apply and print the test page again.

The page should be like the following:

Note the edges are in zero for both rulers.

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