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Inserting images in a report

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The pictures, like the all the objects, must be contained within a section or subsection.

When you insert an image you will see a small grey square that will contain the image.
In that moment, is recommended to define the image file that will be shown using the "file" property in the properties page.
The accepted files are BMP, JPG and GIF.

When a file is selected, just click on "open" and it will be loaded.

Like you can see, the picture size was set to the size of the object.

How to change the size of the pictures.

The measures of the images can be altered with the mouse from the points like in any application of Windows.
Additionally, there is another way to alter the measures in a more exact way. From the properties page, we will see the properties height and width that allow set these values exactly.

Manipulating the size to maintain the proportionality.

The way to maintain the proportionality is very simple. In case of having the established height and it is needed to calculate the width of the image, simply set the width property to 0 (zero) and the width will be calculated automatically. The inverse thing must be made to calculate the defined proportional width. It will be necessary to set the height to 0 (zero).

To set the picture to its original size, just set both values to zero (height and width).

Using variables to specify the name of the picture.

Image files can be or contain variable. It is important to comment that in this case the image will not be seen until the report is shown or printed.

For this particular case, we have the variable "@ccode" that comes from the Rpx file. When "@ccode=robinhood", then "" will be "".

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